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Full Two-Year Warranty

Thank You for choosing a Verona Appliance for your Home

EuroChef USA will repair or replace appliances, including related labor and travel, for items which prove to be defective as to workmanship or materials. The warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have others that vary from State to State.

Download printable warranty card here. To Register your Product on line, click onto the Support Tab - *Register a Product*.

Owner’s responsibilities

  • Provide any defective part to an authorized Verona servicer.
  • Provide proof of purchase (sales receipt).
  • Provide normal care and maintenance including cleaning as instructed in Owner’s Manual.
  • Replace consumable items as directed in the owner’s manual.
  • Make product accessible for service.
  • Pay for premium service cost for service outside servicer’s normal business hours.
  • Pay for service calls related to product installation by licensed and/or certified electrician or plumber.
  • Pay for service labor and travel expenses under limited warranty provisions.

Warranty Limitations

  • Begins at date of original purchase.
  • Product used on a commercial, rental or leased basis are not covered by this warranty.
  • Applies to product used within the United States only.
  • Service must be performed by an authorized Verona servicer.

Items Not Covered

  • Normal product maintenance and cleaning.
  • Light bulbs.
  • Damages which occur in shipment and installation.
  • General rebuilding or refurbishing that is not a legitimate warranty repair. Failures caused by:
    • Unauthorized service.
    • Grease or other material buildup due to improper cleaning maintenance.
    • Accidental or intentional damage.
    • Connection to an improper gas or power supply.
    • Use of improper pans, containers, or accessories that cause damage to the product.
    • Act of GOD.

Warranty Is Void If

  • Serial plate is defaced.
  • Product is altered by user.
  • Product is not installed or used according to manufacturer’s instructions.


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